Our story

MyWorkpapers was founded in 2009 with the goal of developing the most powerful software solution for accountants.

The organisation itself was founded by a team of experienced accountants who recognised the gap in the market for software specifically built for finance professionals that could increase compliance, communication and productivity.

Since then, MyWorkpapers has evolved from a flagship award-winning auditing application into a full suite of specialised workpaper packs for all types of engagements. Additional features and functionality have been added along the way to provide a totally cloud-based paperless workpaper solution to helps accountants collaborate and manage documents, workflows, tasks and queries.

Our goal is to drive innovation in digital workpapers for accountants and auditors

We continue to invest heavily in new features, functionality and integrations as well as expanding our already comprehensive list of workpaper packs to lead the way in finance software and technology.

Streamline Workflow

Introduction to MyWorkpapers

Designed for accountants, auditors, bookkeepers and businesses, MyWorkpapers is an industry-proven, born-in-the-cloud platform delivering innovative digital workpapers. Get ready to embrace digital transformation with MyWorkpapers.

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Powered by the cloud, programmed by accountants

Powered by the cloud, MyWorkpapers is the secure and powerful accounting solution designed for accountants.
By streamlining workflow, automatically applying the latest accounting standards, and instantly populating workpapers, we’ve saving clients time and money.
It means that your accountancy practice can focus on pushing profitability to industry-breaking levels.

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Safe and secure

MyWorkpapers software is hosted in the cloud by leading remote storage providers who monitor our servers and firewalls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at guarded facilities, and is subject to best practice security and advanced penetration testing.

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Effortless compliance

MyWorkpapers partners with the industry’s leading professional resource providers and technology firms to ensure our solution is always up to date.

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Instant integration

Connect MyWorkpapers to your client’s chosen software provider to instantly import financial data and populate workpapers.

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