accountex 2017 recap

Leading into the first day of #Accountex, there was a bit of a question mark around the #MTD delay. Seemed like a bit of a ‘wait and see’ approach. For us though, the hot topic was actually more about firms moving to cloud services sooner rather than later and streamlining and standardising as much as possible.

Why do we go?

#Accountex is a pivotal platform to showcase our latest innovations.  It’s a great meeting point to reach potential new clients, and to network with other firms and partners. A big part of it is also to discover and learn more about the current needs and concerns of our clients/accountants.

Who from our team went?

This year we had around 9 team members rotating through our stand.  This included a mix of product, development, support and sales team from our London offices, and we also brought in our Product Manager from Australia so she could experience Accountex and immerse herself in the UK accountancy world… “G’day Katie”!

Product Spotlight

Steve’s live product demonstration was extremely popular, at times there was standing-room only, the number of visitors was overwhelming and the response was very favourable!

[blockquote]“The best part of Accountex for me, is to be able to meet and knowledge-share with hundreds of different firms from around the country. The MyWorkpapers platform addresses frustrations seen commonly in practice around compliance, standardisation and efficiencies; and to be able to demonstrate that live, and see the ‘penny-drop moment’ on a new way of working, is really rewarding.”[/blockquote]
Steve Product Presentation

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CEO’s Hub

MyWorkpapers CEO Rich Neal’s keynote presentation on Day 1 hit on several topical points, including technology and processes firms need to standardise and streamline with minimal effort, and using cloud technology and integration to collaborate with clients.

[blockquote]“Many practices are still relying on manual methods and Excel to manage year-end and financial statement compilations for clients. Not only is this incredibly time-consuming and prone to errors, chartered accountants are losing out on potential revenues and missing out on the opportunity to build a closer bond with their client base.”[/blockquote]
CEO Rich Neal Keynote Presentation

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