We are upgrading all our clients from annual invoicing in advance to monthly invoicing,  giving you better cashflow and allowing you to reduce admin tasks by automating your payments and renewals.

You won’t need to do anything at all – your new invoicing will start automatically if it hasn’t done so already.


  • 90% of our clients are already on monthly billing
  • More flexibility and simplicity to make upgrades to your firm’s subscriptions and files in real-time
  • Greater control, you can alter your payment details or methods to suit your business
  • ‘Set and Forget’ payment automation
  • Manageable regular monthly payments throughout the year, rather than large upfront payments



We have already started the transition with all new clients on our new subscription management and existing clients being transitioned in the next few months.

Some subscriptions may see a small increase or decrease to cater for decimal places.

Will there be new invoices?

Your invoices will be simpler and easier to read – you can see quantity, monthly unit price and volume based discounts.

What if we are paying by credit card?

If you are currently paying with your credit card and have a recurring payment in place, this will not carry forward automatically in the new system.

If your preference is to continue using a credit card for payment, please contact us so we can make the necessary arrangements in the new billing system.

Does that mean no more annual renewals?

Your subscription will automatically continue on an on-going basis (Evergreen) unless you want to amend your agreement.  This can be done by contacting Admin in order for your Account Manager to contact you.

Your Account Managers can now make changes, as you need them, to upgrade or add files at any time.

Why is there a 12 month notice period to terminate or cancel?

Rather than charge an annual fee upfront for the use of our software, we charge monthly to assist our client’s cashflow and reduce administration. Our software can be used throughout the year, and the file can be completed at any stage in that period, meaning that early cancellation would not represent a fair reflection of the value delivered. Non-use of the software freely purchased is not a fair reason for seeking reimbursement of contractually committed payment.

Why do you have a “12 month file reset period”?

We provide a licence for you to do the work for the financial year of your client. Each client is associated to a “file”. Each year we reset that counter so that you can do subsequent FY work for your client. Effectively, we are charging you a 12 month licence fee to complete the work for the FY for your clients.

Why have you moved to Evergreen Contracts?

We work on the basis that our Customers wish to continue to use our software for their Clients on an ongoing basis for each Financial Year without break. We therefore have constructed our invoicing and payment profile to reflect this.

What happens if I need to cancel or downgrade my subscription?

Please email admin@myworkpapers.com with your request and the notice period will commence on acknowledgement of receipt.

What if I would like to cancel or downgrade before the 12 month notice period is complete?

Subscription downgrading or termination is subject to a 12 month notice period as outlined above. However, if you wish to request that this period is reduced, please email admin@myworkpapers.com with a Request to Cancel Early or Request to Downgrade Early message.  Your request will be assessed on its merits and we will undertake to respond with our decision within 3 working days.

Do you have a new user agreement?

Our User Agreement has been updated to reflect these changes however a new simple language version will be published, circa end of the month.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Admin.

What do you need to do?

Nothing at all, your new invoicing will automatically kick in and you will see it coming through soon.

We are busy working behind the scenes to implement these changes, but if you have any questions or queries, we would love to hear from you.