Audit SMSF

Use our industry standard pack to streamline your SMSF audits, reduce time spent on the audit while increasing compliance

Platform Benefits

maximise your fee revenue

Maximise your fee revenue

Automate the mundane and personalise the exceptions. See our client case studies showing significant increased productivity and higher fee recovery.

time and cost savings

Time and cost savings

Leverage numerous time saving features to streamline the way work is done and enable managers and staff to focus on productive tasks.

roll forward

Increase compliance quality

Standardise your processes, checklists and procedures for how work is done in your practice; monthly, quarterly, year-end and audit.

improve team collaboration

Improve team collaboration

A cloud platform to do your work on, manage your work and collaborate.

manage jobs and tasks effectively

Manage jobs and tasks effectively

Customisable workflows, dashboards and analytics. Partners and managers can easily prioritise work, filter by deadlines, team members or job stage.

increase client retention

Increase client retention and engagement

Collaborate and engage with clients timely and efficiently within the software. Client portal to share documents and queries. All direct to the client file.

review points

Reduce risk of errors

Workpaper index, programmes, checklists and reports are dynamically built from API (or CSV) connections to bookkeeping products.

version control

Audit trail of documents and work done

Version control of all documents, track all work performed and queries and responses. Ensure reviews are completed.

+ Specific Benefits of Audit SMSF Pack

Standardises and systemises the way you do your SMSF Audits. Utilise our specialised content pack complete with up-to-date standards, guidance, programmes, checklists, worksheets and procedures to make audits a streamlined process!

Customise our comprehensive content pack to suit your firm and client needs

Dynamically auto-map to build Trial Balance, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet

Automatically import reports available within BGL 360, SuperMate and Class to use in file

Edit and personalise letters including letterheads, footers and signatures ready for printing

Drag and drop and link all supporting documents

Date and user time stamps show when work is done

Manage checklists, notes, tasks, queries and documents through our Administrator Portal

Queries and review points are tracked and managed

Manage jobs and tasks effectively with customisable workflows, dashboards and analytics

Managers and partners can easily review and sign-off jobs

Time saving roll forward for future years

Assists with completion of the ATO Contravention Report

Some of the many features your team will love:


Workpapers are dynamically built. They include guidance, programmes & checklists.


Answer questions at the start of the job to define work to be done.

Trial Balance Data Import Options

API and CSV import of trial balance to dynamically build your job file.

Administrator Portal

Communicate with your Administrator through our portal & exchange information.

Customisable Letters

Ability to edit and include letterheads, footers and signatures.

Report Pack

Automatically import reports available with SMSF Administration packages to use in file

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What our customers say

MyWorkpapers creates efficiencies in the managing and auditing of our SMSF clients.

The user friendly interface and ability to check sections of the audit make it a valuable tool to have in our practice. Couple that with the ability to communicate directly with the clients/administrators on the progress, review points and completion of the fund, makes this the most valuable tool we have. Why aren’t we all using it?

Matthew Williams
Managing Director / CB Audit

The MBA Partnership uses MyWorkpapers as its ability to integrate with our SMSF administration software – Class Super was second to none.

At The MBA Partnership, we are continually looking for ways to improve our processing efficiency in order to meet our client’s expectations and free up time to spend on pro-active advice. Audit helps us achieve this goal. The service we receive from the MyWorkpapers team is excellent. We continue to look forward to working with MyWorkpapers in the future.

Chrissie Hendry
Superannuation Accountant / The MBA Partnership

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