Announcing Auditflow 2.0

Auditflow has today released Auditflow 2.0 – a major upgrade to the existing application!

Some of the new features are:

  • New “My Auditflow” Landing Page – enhanced access to files, review points and audit job file status
  • Improved “My Files” – easily assign staff, access review points and upload documents particular to an audit file
  • Enhanced “Review Points” – effectively manage and edit audit file review points
  • Document Management (“Supporting Documents”) – easy link and reference to workpapers
  • User Customisation – you are now able to personalise your Working Paper Index and Audit Workflow
  • Economic Subscription Pricing – annual and optional monthly subscription

Our existing customers will receive a free upgrade to Auditflow 2.0 by simply logging in to their accounts.

If you haven't yet tried Auditflow, now is a great chance to do so with our no obligation free trial.

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