Auditflow releases Clarity compliant Auditflow SME

On May 18 2011, Auditflow Publishing Ltd launched the Clarity compliant version of Auditflow SME (Australia). We are pleased to announce this update also includes an enhanced design, additional features and more user-friendly functionality.

To ensure the risk of material misstatement is reduced, the Clarity changes have amended the ways in which

  • audits are planned
  • risk is assessed
  • materiality is determined
  • appropriate audit procedures are selected.

The Clarity changes affect full financial year audits commencing on or after January 1, 2010.

We will be keeping the pre-Clarity Auditflow SME version for clients conducting audits prior to the Clarity changes.

Please note there are no changes in price.

If you are currently using Auditflow SME and would like to upgrade to the Clarity compliant version, please email and the Auditflow team will migrate your audit files, free of charge. Alternatively, you can utilise the Clarity compliant version by purchasing a new voucher through the application.

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