Auditflow sponsors CPA’s innovative online conference

Recently, we announced Auditflow's role as a National Exhibitor at CPA's Public Practice series and we mentioned our involvement in the upcoming virtual conference. On 2 May, CPA's virtual public practice was launched and Auditflow is proud to announce it is the event's sponsor.

CPA virtual public practice is a full conference experience with a difference; it is completely accessed online at each practitioner's convenience.

The virtual public practice is innovative and cutting edge; two aspects Auditflow values in its own applications so it is fitting Auditflow is the sponsor of this event.

CPA virtual public practice features 12 leading CPA public practice sessions that can be watched either at the scheduled time or at a time that suits the practitioner, a virtual cafe and an exhibitors hall where Auditflow is prominently positioned.

CPA virtual public practice will run until 1 July.

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