Feature of the Month

We asked our support team ‘what is the flavour of the month at Auditflow’, and their response was Firm Templates.

For those who are yet to try out our new templates feature, this new feature allows you to create a template audit file within your firm registration (but is not an audit file) where you can save any type of document that you frequently use in your different engagements. This means you can create a template file to store your firm branded documents and letters in the one central place (in the cloud) or create template documents for specific types of engagements, e.g. non-for-profits, trust account audits etc.

If you have made the most of the new customisation features of Auditflow, you can also use your firm template to store copies of your customised programs and checklists.

Our help centre chapter on templates covers all you need to know about templates, so check it out when you’re next logged into Auditflow!

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