New Features now released for Audit Practice Manager!

We are excited to announce that the first update for 2014 is live and ready to use! To find out more about these new features and how they work, keep reading below.

Ever wanted to edit a word document directly online or from your iPad? If so, you’re going to be as excited as we are to use LiveDocs!

LiveDocs allows you to create and edit basic word documents online. It's perfect for creating quick file notes, recording meeting minutes, editing letters, generating reports or any other task you word ordinarily complete in word. Further automate the process by creating automated links (Data Fields) between LiveDocs and audit file or client details, saving you time manually entering this information. 

New Content

We have added more example letters and reports to each of our templates using the LiveDocs editor, including standard bank confirmations, audit reports, representation letters and more. All of these letters use our intelligent Data Fields, automatically pre-populating each document with client address, year end and other contact details. Meaning you spend less time completing admin tasks and more time focusing on your clients!


Want to quickly and easily annotate account balances? Well you now can with APM (Audit Practice Manager) tickmarks!

Our new tickmarks feature allows you to annotate any balances in a lead schedule, meaning that with a click of a button you can create audit evidence that a balance has been deemed immaterial, agreed to the prior period and more. 

Use one of our pre-defined tickmarks or create your own!

Analytical Review Tools

Do you find that your preliminary and completion analytical reviews are taking too long?

Well our new analytical review worksheets will streamline your preliminary and completion analytical reviews, eliminating the need for time consuming excel calculations.

Over time, these new analytical workpapers will replace the existing range of analytical review documents in Audit Practice Manager.

Other Goodies

We value and listen to your feedback, which is why we also have a number of other goodies in the line up of this release.

These new updates include:

  • Export journals to CSV for direct import into client accounting systems
  • Searchable and filterable Review Points
  • Ability to change a Review Point from one type to another
  • Ability to edit your firm name through the Firm Settings
  • Drill down functionality in the Your Files widget
  • Ability to upload emails

For more information about any of these new features, please visit our Help Centre or register for one of our upcoming webinars on the events page.

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