New product feature: Feedback and Support

Auditflow has just released a new product feature for Auditflow SME and Auditflow SMSF!

Auditflow users can now access the Feedback and Support module to communicate with the Auditflow team in a number of different ways:

  • Question: If you have a quick question about Auditflow, ask us. Users can ask a question of the Auditflow team, whether it be a general or technical question.
  • Report a Problem: You may come across something that needs a little tweaking. Users can advise the Auditflow team of a bug or anything that is not quite working as it should.
  • Idea: Our clients know what they want to see in Auditflow. This is a space for users to pose an idea or feature that could help enhance the software. Other users can then review the idea and comment on whether they agree.
  • Compliment: If you love something in Auditflow, let us know! Users can tell us what they appreciate in Auditflow and what they'd like to see more of.

The Auditflow team will be notified of your question, problem, idea, or compliment and will respond to your feedback a short time after you submit it.

You can also use 'tags' to help categorise your feedback for other Auditflow users who visit the module.

Why not take a look next time you use the Auditflow software? When logged in, simply visit and start letting us know your thoughts!

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