We’ve Added Great New Features to Auditflow

1) Supporting Document History


We've made it easier and safer to manage multiple versions of the same supporting document in your Working Paper Index. Have a new version of a document? Just drag and drop it on top of the old one in your Working Paper Index and we’ll automatically replace it.

We also retain a full version history of each supporting document in your file, so if you ever need to revert to an older copy you can.

2) Check in/check out

Collaborating with your team on supporting documents just got easier! Simply check out supporting documents from the Working Paper Index when you make amendments to them, and your whole team will see that you're working on the document. When you're done, drag it back in to Auditflow to check it back in and automatically update it.

This feature also works beautifully with Supporting Document History, which keeps track of any Check Outs and Check Ins for a supporting document, and allows you to revert to previous version if need be.


3) Enhanced Roll-Forward

Our new 3-step roll-forward process helps you more efficiently roll-forward your audit files based on prior year data. Not only are you able to roll-forward financial data, workpapers, and the workflow diagram, but our intelligent process will also automatically detect any new workpapers added to the template and prompt you to import them as part of the roll-forward.



4) Lead Schedule Comments
We've added more to our range of Lead Schedule annotations. You can now easily add comments against each account in a Lead Schedule or Lead Schedule Summary.

5) Workpaper Progress Statistics

Our new Workpaper Progress Statistics let you know just how many procedures and checklists have been completed on each workpaper, giving you a bird's eye view of the progress of each workpaper in your audit file.

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