do you experience:

  • Difficulty keeping track of communications and documents between your staff, your bookkeeper and your accountant
  • Ping pong emails with staff for the same information
  • Spending time at year end getting documentation ready for handover to the accountant
  • Staff maintaining multiple versions of spreadsheets and workpapers
  • Jobs and tasks not always performed properly or timely
  • Maintaining monthly workpapers
  • Excessive time training staff
  • Document control problems when staff change

then MyWorkpapers Connect is the solution for you!

create time saving efficiencies in your business
  • Provide access to your accountant for selective workpapers
  • Easily copy last periods content into this periods file
  • Customise processes and tasks for your staff
  • Reduce staff training and systemise your business records
  • Improve the accuracy of your financial information
audit trail of documents and communications
  • Complete history of all communications
  • Drag and drop supporting documents
  • Maintain permanent files folder. Share with your accountant where applicable.
improve collaboration
  • Collaborate more easily with your staff, accountant, bank and other parties
  • Anywhere, any time, any device access
  • Staff can cross-reference their own workpapers to your monthly financials, and upload supporting documents
  • Share files and documents with staff, bookkeepers and your accountant
  • Create queries and circulate to appropriate staff
  • Eliminate messy email threads
  • Easily assign staff to tasks and ensure compliance with procedures
manage jobs and tasks more effectively
  • Keep track of staff tasks and oversight of the business
  • Create your own workflow steps for any procedures and processes
reduce risk of errors
  • Create step-by-step guides and workflows for completing workpapers and other financial functions
  • Track queries and numbers needing verification
  • Create template documents and save to the template library to systemise procedures
no hardware or IT support needed
  • No Hardware or IT staff required
  • Better security that in-house
  • Full real-time backup and recovery included

We offer a simple pricing model.

Connect will pay for itself immediately

Get productive in minutes

You and your accountant will love it.

Try MyWorkpapers Connect for free until 31/12/17!