HAT Group’s intuitive, easy to follow methodology offers detailed guidance at each stage of the process, allowing even inexperienced auditors to understand it and begin using it straight away.

Easy to digest

The requirements of the various standards are broken down to make them easy for your whole team to digest, while a suite of pro-forma documents are provided, including an assignment plan and briefing meeting.

A consistent approach

HAT Group’s Audit content uses a consistent approach across all sectors, with its Corporate and Charities Manual following the same format and referencing. The audit and non-audit methodologies are also aligned.

Updated annually

Both content and user experience are updated every year, so you can rest assured you are working from the latest standards.

Integrated with HAT Group’s Career Development courses

The audit content provides the foundation for HAT Group’s Career Development courses for trainee staff, ensuring that new staff understand how to use the methodology in practice.