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As coronavirus (COVID-19) gathers more attention and continues to spread, MyWorkpapers globally have implemented business continuity planning procedures. The situation is being continuously monitored and our planning adapted as appropriate.
The key measures currently in place are:

  • Our IT infrastructure and systems are Cloud based so our team can work from home, or anywhere, on any device…just like you can with your team using MyWorkpapers.
  • Our staff working from home will continue to be connected to our Cloud internal communication tools including, for example, telephone, email, MyWorkpapers in real time. Nothing will change and we will be seamlessly available to clients as usual.
  • Only essential travel between our global offices in United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand and Germany is now in place. This is to minimise the chance of infection being spread between staff.
  • An increase in the use of audio and video conferencing to reduce face to face meetings in order to avoid putting clients or contacts in a compromised position.
  • The development of detailed policies and procedures covering a variety of anticipated events.
  • Central monitoring of personal and business travel plans, which is cross-referenced with government advice.

The intention of this planning is to protect our team and allow the business the greatest chance of being able to continue to effectively service our clients through various scenarios.
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