We have started upgrading Customers to hassle-free monthly pricing and billing, giving you more flexibility to amend and upgrade your MyWorkpapers subscription while allowing you to reduce admin tasks by automating your payments and renewals.

You won’t need to do anything at all – your new invoicing will kick-in automatically and you will see it coming through soon.


  • It’s what our clients expect from us! (90% already on monthly billing)
  • More flexibility and simplicity to make amendments and upgrades of your firm’s subscriptions and files in real-time
  • Greater control for clients – alter payment details or methods to suit your business
  • ‘Set and Forget’ payment automation
  • Manageable regular monthly payments throughout the year, rather than large upfront payments


We have started the transition, and expect all clients to be on the new platform in the next few months.

What’s changing? 

The boring stuff … Even though the majority of clients are receiving a monthly invoice already, we need to convert our billing systems to align with our new pricing strategy.  This is currently happening behind the scenes, but the technical aspect of this means we are changing the pricing to monthly with two decimal places.

Some subscriptions may see a small increase or decrease because of the decimal places now being capped at two places.

For example:

  • UK Personal Tax £2.00 per annum moves to £0.17p p/month from £0.166666..
  • UK Audit Mercia £100 per annum moves to £8.34 p/month from £8.33333..
  • AU General Audit $99.50 p/annum moves to $8.29 p/month from $8.291666
  • AU Trust Audit $79.00 per annum moves to $6.58. p/month from $6.58333..

New Invoices

Your invoices will be simpler and easier to read – you can see quantity and monthly unit price with two decimal places.

No more yearly renewals

Your subscription will automatically continue on an on-going basis, there’s no longer any need to renew every year.  You can make changes as you need them to upgrade or add files at any time.

User Agreement

Our User Agreement has been updated to reflect these changes.  This change applies to all clients.

What do you need to do?

Nothing at all, your new invoicing will automatically kick in and you will see it coming through soon.

We are busy working behind the scenes to implement these changes, but if you have any questions or queries, we would love to hear from you.