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Product Release Timeline

We continue to innovate and improve our platform to deliver features designed to make the lives of accountants and auditors simpler.

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V23.8.2 – Dec 23

We have made several enhancements to the platform, including:

  • Minor audit plan improvements
  • Speed improvements
  • ISA600 content blocks
  • Password reveal on login page
  • Archived accounting structures hidden
V23.7.0 – Dec 23

December 2023 – CPD tracking and reporting – Our user Learning Management System (LMS), MyWorkpapers Academy launches its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) capture and reporting feature that allows users on Client Success Memberships to log and track verified and non-verified CPD.

v23.6.0 – Sep 23

Risk Feature enhancements: Updates have been made to the Risk feature, allowing you to review the details of the Risks in a file as well as archiving Risks that are no longer required. A filter function has also been added to the page.

Risk Roll Forward: All Risks (except archived risks) will be copied into the new file during a roll forward process.

v23.5.0 – Aug 23

General Ledger

This new exciting feature allows you to import the general ledger transactions into files. You can learn about how to use this feature in our help centre article.

v23.4.0 – Jun 23

FYI is here: Thousands of accountants across the world already enjoy the automation and document management that FYI offers.

Now it has been brought to MyWorkpapers with our latest integration.

Trial Balance: Adjustments drill down is now available within the Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. You will be able to see the details of journal entries made against each account from these pages.

v23.3.0 – May 23

Personal Tax: Trial Balance features are now enabled for Personal Tax files

Journal Drill Down: Users will be able to see the details of journal adjustments made against each account within the Trial Balance

Copy Workpapers: Workpapers and documents can now be pulled into a year end file from the linked monthly and quarterly files.

v23.2.0 – Mar 23

External Firm (Admin) Query notifications: Users can now include a personalised message when sending notifications to their External Firm (Admin) users.

New Activity Feed logs:

  • Log will be recorded within a file when a workpaper is deleted.
  • Log will be recorded within a file when a workpaper is restored.
  • Log will be recorded within a file when a recycling bin is emptied.
  • Log will be recorded in the Dashboard when a file is deleted. This includes the file number in case users might want a deleted file to be restored.
v23.1.0 – Feb 23

Client Checklist

We released the Beta version of our Client Checklist feature that allows you to set your workpapers as a client checklist, attach them to your Client Queries and send them to your client users via the MyWorkpapers Client Portal.

v22.9.0 – Dec 22

Trial Balance import

Step 2 of the CSV import process will now have the “Reset previously mapped values” checkbox unticked by default to avoid accidental reset of the previously imported trial balance figures.

V22.6 – Nov 22

Enhanced Risk Assessment Functionality (ISA 315)

A major update to risk assessment in MyWorkpapers.

The update will allow you to:

  • Use the new spectrum of inherent risks of material misstatement
  • Separately assess inherent and control risks
  • Comply with the wider quality control requirements of ISA 315
V22.5.0 – Sept 22
  • Excel Connect feature:
    • A checkbox has been added for all excel document workpapers to enable the excel feature for relevant documents.
    • Excel Connect can now be enabled on individual excel document workpapers within the firm templates.
  • Datafields – External firm addresses are now available to be added as multi-line address within the word documents.
  • Workflow Manager – file creation UI/UK improvements
  • Minor UI/UX updates
V22.4.0 – Jul 22
  • Excel Connect
V22.3.0 – Jun 22
  • Improvements made to completion statistics
V22.2.0 – Mar 22
  • Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet: Initial and Adjustment columns have been added. Users will be able to view “Interim” figures by selecting the “Display Interim Values” from the settings cog icon.
  • HAT ATOL released
  • Mercia Registered Social Housing manual released
  • Mercia Solicitors (NI) released
  • Mercia Clubs (NI) released
V2.40 – Nov 21
  • [AU]: Class Super Client Import
    • Merge and link is now available on existing clients
    • Trustees and Members import clean ups
    • Members’ AU resident column Yes/No
    • Trustee Structure will be set accordingly (i.e. Individual or Corporate)
    • GST Details import enhancements
  • [AU]: Class Super Trial Balance / Reports Pack Import
    • Minor UI updates on previews
    • Quantity pulled into Lead Schedules/Summaries – now displays the Market values
V2.39 – Oct 21
  • Supporting documents can now be attached to document type workpapers.
  • External Firms – Users can now attach External Firms when creating new files from the Workflow Manager.
  • Client import – Clients can now be imported into MyWorkpapers using a default template.
  • [AU]: Class Super Client import – Class clients can now be imported manually into MyWorkpapers (without the use of the Class API integration).
  • [AU]: Class Super Trial Balance / Reports Pack import – Users can now import Class Trial Balance and Report Packs manually into MyWorkpapers (without using the Class API integration).
V2.38 – Oct 21
  • Trial Balance: Users will now be able to export Trial Balance to excel/csv from a Trial Balance workpaper marked as complete
  • Periodic firm templates will now be available to copy within the Year-End template files
V2.37 – Sept 21
  • PDF Custom Stamp
V2.36 – Aug 21
  • Sage two-way integration – Journals can be pushed back to Sage from MyW (UK)
  • Embedded hyperlinks
  • Xero Export permissions – update to restrict users who can export journal to third party products
  • Import clients – users can now bulk attach an External Firm to the clients being imported via API (BGL, Class, SuperMate)
  • HAT Corporate Audit released
V2.35 – July 21
  • Sage Trial Balance can be imported from Sage Accounting (UK)
  • .docm supporting documents can be imported
  • Mercia FCA released (both DIF and MGI)

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