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Designed for accountants, auditors, bookkeepers and businesses, MyWorkpapers is an industry-proven, born-in-the-cloud platform delivering innovative digital workpapers. Get ready to embrace digital transformation with MyWorkpapers.

Xero two-way integration

We are pleased to announce our new two-way integration with Xero is now available. You can read more information here or watch our explainer video.

What Stephen Lucey from Haines Watts has to say about MyWorkpapers

Haines Watts has used the MyWorkpapers platform for 4 years to succeed in the fast-changing world of accounting and finance.

“We are maximising our profits by improving collaboration, reducing costs and saving time on every job with MyWorkpapers. It’s the firm’s workplace.”

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“MyWorkpapers enables our practice to embrace the world of digital accounting and auditing. Year-ends are now being processed more quickly and efficiently, and our files continue to be accurate and up-to-date thereby improving our fee recovery.”


Our platform

The digital workpaper platform for your practice

Where bookkeepers, accountants and auditors do their work

The digital workpaper platform for your practice

Key benefits

maximise fee revenue

Maximise your fee revenue

Automate the mundane and personalise the exceptions. See our client case studies showing significant increased productivity and higher fee recovery.

time cost savings

Time and cost savings

Leverage numerous time saving features to streamline the way work is done and enable managers and staff to focus on productive tasks.

increase compliance quality

Increase compliance quality

Standardise your processes, checklists and procedures for how work is done in your practice; monthly, quarterly, year-end and audit.

improve team collaboration

Improve team collaboration

A cloud platform to do your work on, manage your work and collaborate.

manage jobs effectively

Manage jobs and tasks effectively

Customisable workflows, dashboards and analytics. Partners and managers can easily prioritise work, filter by deadlines, team members or job stage.

increase client retention

Increase client retention and engagement

Collaborate and engage with clients timely and efficiently within the software. Share documents and queries in the Client Portal, all direct to the client file.

reduce risk errors

Reduce risk of errors

Workpaper index, programmes, checklists and reports are dynamically built from API (or CSV) connections to bookkeeping products.

audit trail

Audit trail of documents and work done

Version control of all documents, track all work performed and queries and responses. Ensure reviews are completed.

See how MyWorkpapers' paperless platform can add real value to your practice.

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An Introduction to MyWorkpapers – Audit

21/10/202010:00am BST1 hour

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This 60-minute webinar is designed for new users, and those wanting a more detailed understanding of MyWorkpapers Practice for Audit compilation. We will show you how to dynamically build the Workpaper Index, lead sheets and workpapers by importing a trial balance. Complete your Audit engagements with workpapers that ensure compliance using Mercia methodology and understand our key time saving functions and features.

What our clients say

We are in an environment now where we are under cost pressure whilst at the same time need to offer competitive fees. MyWorkpapers has helped with this issue as it allows us to complete compliant audits, with greater efficiency, providing us with a better return on fees.
Kevin Shotton
Head of Audit and Compliance - Clive Owen
We save time, even hours, on every job with MyWorkpapers. It's become the firm's workplace.
Stephen Lucey
Partner - Haines Watts
We could see instantly that MyWorkpapers practice was slicker, easier to use and more intuitive than our existing software.
Rowleys Partnership
MyWorkpapers enables our practice to embrace the world of digital auditing and accounting. Year-ends are now being processed as quickly as possible, our files are more accurate, up-to-date and professional than we had before.  
Stuart Cuzner
Principal Associate - Wagstaffs