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PDF Annotation

PDF Annotation

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Newly Launched - PDF Annotation within MyWorkpapers

PDF documents just got a whole lot smarter in MyWorkpapers. 

With our new PDF editing, annotation and hyperlink functionality, combined with our Office 365 and Ledger integrations, see how you can save even more time and increase productivity by taking the next step to a fully paperless workpaper solution. 

Everything you once did with paper workpapers can now be performed digitally within the MyWorkpapers fully paperless workpaper solution. 

Our new PDF Annotation functionality in MyWorkpapers allows you to;

  • Add Hyperlinks from PDF supporting documents to workpapers 
  • Annotate PDFs to draw attention to points of interest by
    • Drawing
    • Highlighting
    • Underlining
    • Inserting Callouts
    • Adding Text; and 
    • Adding Stamps 
  • Insert Tickmarks from the MyWorkpapers library to validate the work being performed

Watch the short video to see how it works!