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Personal Tax

Increase your visibility, automate your workflow.

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Newly launched - UK Personal Tax Template

Subscribe to the newly created Personal Tax Template in your MyWorkpapers platform (UK) and enable a standardised completion checklist to help process your personal tax Clients, and maintain a high consistency of work across your firm.

Why do I need this new Personal Tax Template in MyWorkpapers?

  • Higher efficiency through standardisation and automation of workflows
  • Accessibility anytime
  • Delivers secure collaboration
  • Standardise and control your workflow
  • Visibility on job progress and completion through the Workflow Manager
  • Reducing storage costs as all work is completed and stored in your centralised MyWorkpapers environment

The best thing about this template is its simplicity. Our staff love using it, having a single folder where we can store all our documents for approval fits in well with our processes and helps us with our customer comms.

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