Forbes Computer Systems

Add Forbes Computer Systems to MyWorkpapers

Instantly import clients’ financial data from Forbes Computer Systems to your MyWorkpapers account to seamlessly create and populate your workpaper files.

By cutting out admin, we’re empowering clients to work faster and push profitability to industry-leading levels.

A smarter way to work

MyWorkpapers is the cloud-based paperless workpaper solution designed for superior collaboration, efficient workflow management, and unparalleled client communication

Instantly import financial data

Effortlessly import a CSV file from any bookkeeping system, including Forbes Computer Systems, Microsoft Excel, Xero, Intuit QuickBooks and more

Power productivity

Our dynamic mapping tool enables highly flexible accounting structures, which further assists the intelligent creation of workpaper files. Simply create and map accounts within the application and save as a template for later use

Effortless organisation

Sort by client, deadline, status and more to quickly distribute work and ensure the smoothest client service

Custom reminders

Deadline coming up? No problem. Our software delivers timely reminders to ensure incomplete work never goes under the radar

Share and collaborate

Seamlessly share jobs and tasks across teams to keep everyone on the same page