MyWorkpapers CEO, Rich Neal, had the opportunity to speak with IRIS Accountancy Division CEO, Siôn Lewis. In this brief interview, Siôn outlines how IRIS are leading the market when it comes to compliance and how MyWorkpapers is an integral partner in giving customers choice and to help customers achieve greater efficiencies.

Video Transcript

Rich Neal
We are here with Siôn Lewis at IRIS World Birmingham.
Siôn tell me why IRIS is the preferred choice for accountants in England?
Siôn Lewis
Hey Rich good to have you here and thanks for your support here at IRIS World in Birmingham.
So accountancy and IRIS go hand in glove and we’re the only company that does full compliance.
To be honest compliance is pretty tricky, it’s really difficult and we think with our thirty nine years experience we’ve got it right.
We’re the first to market with FRS and we’re leading the way with MTD.
Get compliance right and every accountant in the UK can build from that and offer advisory services, that’s why you should pick IRIS.
Rich Neal
And Siôn, integrations in the future what’s your view point on that?
Siôn Lewis
So Rich you know this better than anybody, we’ve been talking for years on this; the world is open, so we launched IRIS Connect and today that allows us to work with any third party and people like yourself are critical to our success. It’s all about choice, it’s about making the end customers efficient as possible so we’re delighted that we’re interoperable with everybody and thanks for you and MyWorkpapers for coming here today.
Rich Neal
Thanks Siôn

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