Having a uniform approach using MyWorkpapers

Uniqueness. In a world where everyone is unique and more than ever people are finding their identities and being able to express them, one place that doesn’t want it is accountancy.

How familiar as an accountant does it sound when there are clients that have a set of workpapers nothing like any other client in your firm, and sometimes in extreme cases, the same person has worked on that client for the last few years and only they know how they work and how they got to the final conclusion? In many small firms (and from my experience) that is the case.

Now picture a system where you can have a uniform approach across every engagement, where the information is in the same place in each file, on each client. That is the reality of MyWorkpapers. Whether you use content from one of our providers, or have your own custom template built, we give a uniform approach every time.

A uniform approach benefits your everyone in the practice, from junior team members preparing jobs quicker following the same pattern, to reviewers completing their work faster by knowing where everything will be.

So just for once, stop being unique and choose to be uniform.

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