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Major SMSF Audit Specialist Partner Program – FAQ

MyWorkpapers works with accounting firms that provide a range of services including individual tax returns, company accounts, trust and company audits and SMSF admin and audits.

With the recent changes in the APES 110 Audit Independence Guidelines we are partnering with major audit firms, who use our software, and promoting their services to our SMSF administration clients who are now having to outsource their audits.

Who can be a MyWorkpapers Major SMSF Audit Specialist?

In order to qualify for this program, you need to meet a number of criteria, including:

  • Use MyWorkpapers for 1,000+ SMSF Audits
  • Have an establish base of 50+ external firms that you conduct audits for
  • Have staff with Specialist SMSF audit qualifications
  • Be able to demonstrate that you have the systems, staff and capacity to take on additional firms with 100’s of audits
  • Have a strong national and digital presence
  • Have a specific approach and or offer for firms that prepare their funds for audit with MyWorkpapers

What does MyWorkpapers do for their Major SMSF Audit Specialist partners?

Partners will be:

  • Featured on our website as a Major Audit Specialist (details include logo, website link, contact details and a brief description of your service offering)
  • Promoted by our sales team when engaging with SMSF administration clients who are looking for an audit provider
  • Promoted at least quarterly, as part of webinars and other marketing activity that we do
  • Given an option to customise checklists and other branded content for inclusion in the MyWorkpapers SMSF Year End subscription, used by administrators, to prepare for audits
  • Given the opportunity to become a content publishing partner and thought leader by publishing your branded audit guidelines for firms that want to follow your processes and approach

What obligations do Major SMSF Audit Specialist partners have?

Partners must:

  • Continue to meet the criteria for qualification for the program
  • Supply and maintain up to date logo, links, landing pages and contact details
  • Ensure that any branded content supplied is maintained, up to date and compliant
  • Feature the MyWorkpapers logo and marketing references on their website e.g. on the partner link landing page
  • Provide a testimonial on your usage of MyWorkpapers and help promote joint webinars and other appropriate activities to their prospect and client base
  • Speak highly of MyWorkpapers as a workpapers and audit preparation solution when speaking with clients
  • Have an established base of 10+ external firms that you conduct audits for