Microsoft Office Online

Our most commonly requested enhancement is here…
Leveraging Microsoft’s Office Online API, all users of MyWorkpapers can now preview Microsoft Word and Excel supporting documents directly in the browser without needing to download the file first.
Additionally, anyone with an Office 365 account can edit and save Microsoft Word and Excel supporting documents from within the browser. Documents are stored and saved in MyWorkpapers, like they always have been.

  • View and edit Word and Excel supporting documents directly in MyWorkpapers, using Microsoft Office Online. No need to download Office documents to view and edit – although this option is still available
  • Access anywhere – from tablets, laptops, desktop computers; Word and Excel files can be viewed and edited without the need for desktop applications
  • Co-authoring of Office supporting documents allows you to truly collaborate and edit Word and Excel documents at the same time (i.e. more than one person can view and edit the Office document at the same time without version/conflict issues)
  • With automatic and instantaneous saving of all changes you will never forget to press ‘Ctrl + S’ again
  • Full version history and backup of each document in the Working Paper Index, so firms can view or restore previous versions without fuss.


  • Faster file reviews by managers and partners, with instant viewing and editing from the browser
  • Nothing new to learn, as provided through the familiar Microsoft Office platform
  • Improved team collaboration, with co-authoring of documents
  • Increased team efficiency

NOTE: To access editing functionality, you will need to have a current Office 365 subscription. For more information on Office 365 please click here. If you do not have an Office 365 subscription you will still be able to preview files online, however editing will only be available via the current method of download and/or checkout for editing on your local computer using Office desktop applications.
LIVEDOCS: If you use our existing LiveDocs feature, please note that it does not integrate with Microsoft Office Online. You will need to continue to use LiveDocs to access the data fields feature to pre-populate letter addresses and file details. Microsoft Office Online is simply an alternative word document editor now available to you.

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