MyWorkpapers and HAT Group of Accountants are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of industry-leading HAT Group content to members using an innovative cloud-based platform from MyWorkpapers.

With Corporate Audit and Non-Audit (or Year-End) content packs already available, the following specialist manuals will be available imminently:

  • Charity Audit
  • ATOL Assignments
  • LLPs

In addition, all remaining specialist HAT content has been developed and will be released soon, including:

  • Solicitors Accounts Rules Assignments
  • FCA Client Assets Reporting
  • Pensions Audit
  • Academies
  • Charity independent Examinations

Rich Neal, CEO of MyWorkpapers, said “we are a digital cloud platform for firms to complete all their job files on, accessibility anywhere anytime and with visibility of progress.  We are very pleased to add the HAT Group to our content marketplace”.

Aron Kleiman, Head of Audit and Accounts, Wilson Wright LLP said “audit teams here have collaborated with greater ease and have witnessed increased productivity. We benefit from the built-in, innovative tools particularly the progress tracking dashboards and multiple audit file views. The team were supported in the transition by the integration programmes deployed by both MyWorkpapers and HAT.”

Simon Kettlewell, Technical Director at HAT Group, added: “We wanted to bring all of our content packs to the cloud in a way that maximises the benefit to accountancy firms and that is what the MyWorkpapers platform does. At a time where collaboration and flexibility is so important, the benefits of a cloud platform cannot be understated.”

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