Product Release Timeline

Cool Timeline

November 22

V22.6 – Nov 22

V22.6 – Nov 22

Enhanced Risk Assessment Functionality (ISA 315)

A major update to risk assessment in MyWorkpapers.

The update will allow you to:

  • Use the new spectrum of inherent risks of material misstatement
  • Separately assess inherent and control risks
  • Comply with the wider quality control requirements of ISA 315
September 22

V22.5.0 – Sept 22

V22.5.0 – Sept 22
  • Excel Connect feature:
    • A checkbox has been added for all excel document workpapers to enable the excel feature for relevant documents.
    • Excel Connect can now be enabled on individual excel document workpapers within the firm templates.
  • Datafields – External firm addresses are now available to be added as multi-line address within the word documents.
  • Workflow Manager – file creation UI/UK improvements
  • Minor UI/UX updates
July 22

V22.4.0 – Jul 22

V22.4.0 – Jul 22
  • Excel Connect
June 22

V22.3.0 – Jun 22

V22.3.0 – Jun 22
  • Improvements made to completion statistics
March 22

V22.2.0 – Mar 22

V22.2.0 – Mar 22
  • Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet: Initial and Adjustment columns have been added. Users will be able to view “Interim” figures by selecting the “Display Interim Values” from the settings cog icon.
  • HAT ATOL released
  • Mercia Registered Social Housing manual released
  • Mercia Solicitors (NI) released
  • Mercia Clubs (NI) released
November 21

V2.40 – Nov 21

V2.40 – Nov 21
  • [AU]: Class Super Client Import
    • Merge and link is now available on existing clients
    • Trustees and Members import clean ups
    • Members’ AU resident column Yes/No
    • Trustee Structure will be set accordingly (i.e. Individual or Corporate)
    • GST Details import enhancements
  • [AU]: Class Super Trial Balance / Reports Pack Import
    • Minor UI updates on previews
    • Quantity pulled into Lead Schedules/Summaries – now displays the Market values
October 21

V2.39 – Oct 21

V2.39 – Oct 21
  • Supporting documents can now be attached to document type workpapers.
  • External Firms – Users can now attach External Firms when creating new files from the Workflow Manager.
  • Client import – Clients can now be imported into MyWorkpapers using a default template.
  • [AU]: Class Super Client import – Class clients can now be imported manually into MyWorkpapers (without the use of the Class API integration).
  • [AU]: Class Super Trial Balance / Reports Pack import – Users can now import Class Trial Balance and Report Packs manually into MyWorkpapers (without using the Class API integration).
October 21

V2.38 – Oct 21

V2.38 – Oct 21
  • Trial Balance: Users will now be able to export Trial Balance to excel/csv from a Trial Balance workpaper marked as complete
  • Periodic firm templates will now be available to copy within the Year-End template files
September 21

V2.37 – Sept 21

V2.37 – Sept 21
  • PDF Custom Stamp
August 21

V2.36 – Aug 21

V2.36 – Aug 21
  • Sage two-way integration – Journals can be pushed back to Sage from MyW (UK)
  • Embedded hyperlinks
  • Xero Export permissions – update to restrict users who can export journal to third party products
  • Import clients – users can now bulk attach an External Firm to the clients being imported via API (BGL, Class, SuperMate)
  • HAT Corporate Audit released
July 21

V2.35 – July 21

V2.35 – July 21
  • Sage Trial Balance can be imported from Sage Accounting (UK)
  • .docm supporting documents can be imported
  • Mercia FCA released (both DIF and MGI)
May 21

V2.34 – May 21

V2.34 – May 21
  • Completion statistics can be viewed at a folder and file level
  • PDF annotation now retained when files are rolled forwards
  • PDF annotations no longer change names in the working paper index when edited with PDF editor
  • Materiality – now calculates with decimal point value
April 21

V2.33 – Apr 21

V2.33 – Apr 21
  • Firm portal available for Audit and SMSF file types that enable Auditors to communicate and collaborate with external firms
    • SMSF Administrator portal feature renamed to External Firm Portal to reflect expanded use
    • Digital Document Transfer added to enable External Firm (Administrator in Australia for SMSF) to transfer documents from their own MyW client to the firm Portal
  • Reports pack – UI/UX improvements for bulk send documents and Report Type (AU)
  • New Class Super Reports (AU)
  • PDF Annotation – colour of Workpaper references added can be changed
March 21

V2.32 – Mar 21

V2.32 – Mar 21
  • PDF Annotation – upgraded features – for search files/comments and annotation time stamps
  • Firm templates – firm template names can be edited from “manage templates” page
  • Office Online Datafields – new fields now available
  • New accounting structures available – 2020 and AU – Reckon XPA APS (UK)
  • Completion reports section for Key Accounting Estimates enabled for Mercia templates (UK)
February 21

V2.31 – Feb 21

V2.31 – Feb 21
  • New datafield – SMSF Fund trustee added to template (AU)
  • Users can create copies of the QAE Accounting Estimate programmes (UK)
  • All QAE Accounting Estimate programmes will be added to the Audit Plan for risk assessment (UK)

Country specific content updates – cover period since August 17