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Our On Demand Webinars

Panel Sessions

Catch the team from MyWorkpapers as we engage with industry peers and experts to discuss current topics

‘The Great Audit Conflict’ – Action Plan

As we look at the results of our industry survey and detail what your business should be doing NOW to benefit from this change. One of the most concerning results from our survey was that >40% of firms do not yet have a plan!

‘The Great Audit Conflict’ – APES 110 Independence

The APESB Independence Guide released in May 2020, is going to cause a massive restructure of the SMSF Audit industry over the next two years.

New Normal – Part 2

The webinar will discuss the issues practices are currently grappling with when it comes to managing staff, before we demonstrate some of the key features of MyWorkpapers that can make the process easier

New Normal – Part 1

Experts explore how we are going to get things back to normal once this is all over. Persuading people to come back to the office will be hard. They are experiencing home working, no commuting and possibly, greater productivity as a result…… the elephant in the room will be that question “do we actually need to work from the office?”

Functionality Series

These popular 30-40 minute webinars are designed for new or existing users and provide a detailed deep dive

Let’s Get Started with SMSF Audit

Let’s get started with General Audit

Let’s get started with Audit for Trust Accounts

Let’s get started with Year-end

Let’s get started with Year-end SMSF

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