A tree for a tree is our commitment to double the positive environmental impact you’ll have by going paperless with MyWorkpapers.

For every tree’s worth of paper you save as a firm by going paperless, we’ll plant another tree. You keep a tree in the ground and we’ll put a tree in the ground.

You save a tree – we’ll plant a tree

We’ll plant a tree for each one you save by going paperless with MyWorkpapers, making your operations both more efficient and better for the planet in one fell swoop.

Our team is passionate about making a difference – to your bottom line and to the environment.

You might be surprised to learn how big an impact paper production has on the environment. It takes 10 litres of water to produce one A4 sheet of paper. And that’s in the production process alone. What’s more, the wastewater is highly contaminated and so can’t be returned to the watercourse without extensive treatment.

Did you know?

A tree makes between 10 and 16 reams

A quarter of all waste in landfill is paper

Paper production generates around 10 litres of contaminated water per sheet of A4

Demand for paper has grown four-fold in four decades

Meanwhile, paper is an enormous drain on business resources, hidden in plain sight. Just think of all the square metres of prime office space you are paying for to store sheets of paper containing just a few bytes of information.

And think of what would happen in the event of fire, flood or theft, which much or all of that data rendered lost for good.

Paper is not a safe and efficient storage medium, whether you are talking about your business or the planet.