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A survey we conducted of UK-based accountancy firms has found that more than two-thirds of those surveyed expect to increase the amount of remote working by staff following the crisis.
A total of 67 per cent of practices surveyed said that after the crisis, they thought staff would work remotely more than they did before the crisis.
The survey, which covered the attitudes of firms to the crisis as well as its effect on their clients, also found more than two-thirds expecting to undertake more video conferencing with clients in the future.
However, a quarter of those surveyed said that managing junior staff has been the biggest challenge to overcome in the implementation of remote working. Despite this, the overwhelming majority do not expect to employ fewer junior staff in future.
The survey also asked about attitudes to the Government’s response to the crisis, with the firms that responded being broadly supportive of the measures introduced. Only a third thought that the Government had not acted quickly enough.
Rich Neal, our CEO, said: “It looks like part of the long-term effect of the current crisis will be to take remote working fully into the mainstream in the accountancy sector.
“It seems that previous concerns about letting even junior staff work from home have not been borne out, while the benefits of remote working, not least in terms of practice resilience have become abundantly clear to firms across the UK.
“Where practices still do have concerns about remote working, they generally related to the challenge of managing teams.
“MyWorkpapers provides an answer to this challenge, giving partners and managers an instant overview of progress with client work and team members clarity about precisely what is expected of them.”
He added: “Given the gravity of the current situation, most firms seem reasonably optimistic about the prospects for recovery in the future.
“That means now is the time for practices to prepare for meeting clients’ changing expectations through increasing use of cloud technologies.”

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