do you experience:

  • Difficulty keeping track of communications and documents between your clients, your staff and within your practice
  • Multiple requests to clients for the same information
  • Time wasted entering data that is available in another system
  • Having to get financial data from multiple accounting systems
  • Multiple versions of spreadsheets and workpapers on your staff’s local drives
  • Trouble keeping track of jobs and tasks
  • Non-billable time spent training staff and maintaining current workpapers
  • Inconsistent quality and editing that was not authorized or reviewed
  • Inflexible processes and workpapers
  • Document control problems when staff working on-site

then MyWorkpapers Connect is the solution for you!

create time saving efficiencies in your practice
  • Download data seamlessly from multiple bookkeeping packages
  • Dynamically build the workpaper file
  • Roll forward – easily copy last periods content into this periods file
  • Customise processes and tasks for your staff and your clients
  • No Hardware or IT staff required
  • Reduce staff training and non billable time
audit trail of documents and communications
  • Complete history of all communications
  • Drag and drop supporting documents
  • Maintain permanent files folder
improve collaboration
  • Anywhere, any time, any device access
  • Enable clients to create their own workpapers and upload supporting documents
  • Share files and documents with staff, bookkeepers and clients
  • Create query and review points
  • Eliminate messy email threads
  • Easily assign staff and clients to roles
manage jobs and tasks more effectively
  • Progress reports and completion analytics
  • Create your own workflow steps with review points
reduce risk of errors
  • Task Manager allows firms to create step-by-step guides and workflows for completing workpapers and other financial functions
  • Our methodology ensures workpaper files are complete, referenced and annotated
  • Track queries and manage review points
  • Select a file template from the template library to populate your workpaper file with entity specific folders, checklists, and queries
eliminate hardware and dependency on technical support
  • No hardware or IT staff required (remove from create time saving section)
  • Better security than in-house systems
  • Full backup and recovery included

We offer a simple pricing model including automatic discounts for volume.

Connect will pay for itself immediately

Get productive in minutes

Your clients and staff will love it.

Try MyWorkpapers Connect for free until 31/12/17!