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Content Packs

Utilise specialised content packs with up-to-date standards, programmes, checklists and procedures.

MyWorkpapers have pre-built a number of specialised and general contact packs for all kinds of engagements.

Our platform includes a flexible and powerful tool to enable firms to customise our packs, upload your own packs or some combination of both.

Create as many packs as you want that reflect your own processes and procedures for each type of engagement.

These packs range from a simple monthly review to year-end compilations to full listed company audits.

As part of our roll-out plan for the USA market, we are currently seeking firms that would like to work with us to customise our standard packs for your needs.

What Our Customers Say

MyWorkpapers enables us to log directly into our client accounts which makes our workflows much more efficient as we can readily check data feeds and the status of files. MyWorkpapers also populates other fields within our templates and removes quite a bit of manual processing, making it a very valuable tool.
Katrina Fletcher
Director - Elite Super
MyWorkpapers is very intuitive, and our team love the design. It’s become the firm’s workplace. The report layouts are great. It’s very easy to see what’s complete and what’s outstanding. We’re also managing queries a lot more e ectively, because we can send them, and the client and sta can reply to them all within the workpaper file. Our team loves MyWorkpapers!
Stephen Hodgkinson
Director - Gold Group Consulting
The MBA Partnership uses MyWorkpapers as its ability to integrate with our SMSF administration software - Class Super was second to none. At The MBA Partnership, we are continually looking for ways to improve our processing efficiency in order to meet our client’s expectations and free up time to spend on pro-active advice. Audit helps us achieve this goal. The service we receive from the MyWorkpapers team is excellent. We continue to look forward to working with MyWorkpapers in the future.
Chrissie Hendry
Superannuation Accountant - The MBA Partnership
MyWorkpapers has changed the way we prepare workpapers. We’re spending less time on jobs and reducing errors because the information is all there. I can keep track of jobs and communications with clients simply and efficiently. Being able to log in from anywhere and have everything right there is a game changer for me.
Aaron Jones
Partner - Spectrum Accountants

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