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Several of our senior team, including CEO, Rich Neal, have taken part in a series of webinars in conjunction with the ICAEW on the ‘New Normal’.
The webinars examine how the pandemic will change the way accountants work with clients and how MyWorkpapers will contribute to these new ways of working. They also feature demonstrations showcasing how MyWorkpapers can contribute to making the ‘New Normal’ a success in your practice.
Rich Neal said: “The pandemic has compelled firms that might previously have been reluctant to leap remote working to do so and our research has found that many of these firms are now seeing the benefit.
“The new normal is quite clearly going to involve a substantial element of remote working and it is difficult to see firms thriving in the future without it.”
He added: “This poses major questions for accountancy firms, such as how to manage sometimes very junior staff and co-ordinate complex work between people who are no longer sitting under one roof in an office.
“We have a compelling answer to these questions in the form of MyWorkpapers and I would urge firms from across the profession to take part in the webinar to help them think through how they will adapt to this reality.”
All our on-demand webinars can be viewed here.

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