What is it?

MyWorkpapers Workflow Manager module provides a simple and automated system for tracking and managing audits, enabling audit managers to spend less time on non-chargeable administration and more time on revenue generating activities.

What does it do?

The MyWorkpapers Workflow Manager module tracks the progress and status of each audit from a single, easy-to-use and intuitive interface coupled with an email notification system to ensure common communication breakdown points and manual processes are automated.

Key Benefits

  • Integrated and modern workflow management – fully integrated with MyWorkpapers audit files, users do not need to manually update spreadsheets or other third party workflow systems
  • Effective and efficient communication – automated email notifications ensures that staff are kept up to date on audit progress
  • Efficient and consistent reporting – one touch saved filters allows firms to generate periodic reports in seconds
  • Customisable – fully customisable for each firm template, allowing firms to create workflows for how you prefer to work
  • Efficiency – one touch file creation for files not yet created

Key Features and Functions

FiltersThe WFM is fully filterable on client type (SMSF etc.), stage of completion, engagement team members and more to allow firms to generate customized periodic workflow reporting
Saved filtersYou are able to create and save an unlimited number of filters for future access, allowing you to generate your favorite reports in seconds
In file status update toolbarUnlike manual Excel sheets or other workflow tracking systems, the MyWorkpapers Workflow Manager is fully integrated into each audit file enabling you to update the status of an audit file directly from the Working Paper Index
Email notificationsAppropriate stages of each workflow will prompt you to notify the appropriate team member(s) and/or the fund administrator, simplifying the communication process and eliminating common communication breakdowns
One touch file creationYou are able to filter the Workflow Manager by ‘files not yet created’ to get a full listing of the audit files which you will need to set up for the year and from there are able to create each of these files instantly
Customised firm workflowsFor each firm template you are able to create your own customized firm workflow, providing firms with flexibility to set firm workflow the way you want
Printing and exportAllows you to export filtered results directly to your local printer, PDF or to CSV format
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