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MyWorkpapers is the powerful accounting solution designed for accountants. By redesigning workflow, eliminating admin and boosting productivity, we are transforming the way accountants work.

All of your clients’ accounts in one place. Instant workpapers. Automatic standardisation. Critical reminders. Endless ways to sort and stay on top of tasks. We’re all of that and much, much more.

The digital workpaper platform for your practice

Features to help you work faster

Seamless integration

Effortlessly import data from every major accounting platform.


Improve collaboration, simplify distribution and increase security with cloud-based paperless workpapers.

Stored securely in the cloud, our intelligent solution is accessible anywhere, anytime, on any computer or smart device, by approved users only. Discover the freedom of paperless workpapers.


Introduction to MyWorkpapers

Designed for accountants, auditors, bookkeepers and businesses, MyWorkpapers is an industry-proven, born-in-the-cloud platform delivering innovative digital workpapers. Get ready to embrace digital transformation with MyWorkpapers.

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MyWorkpapers Lite brings the UK’s number cloud workpapers solution to growing accountancy firms

MyWorkpapers is launching MyWorkpapers Lite, it has confirmed, bringing its innovative cloud-based platform to growing accountancy firms with up to 150 clients. Based…

MyWorkpapers Lite brings MyWorkpapers to growing accountancy firms

We are launching MyWorkpapers Lite to bring our innovative cloud-based platform to growing accountancy firms with up to 150 clients. Based on our…